Hi I’m Stephanie Riskey! With almost sixteen years of experience as a homemaker I’m branching out into taking my love for practical home design into the business world. Over the years my husband and I with our four kids have lived in several different homes.  Making a house a home by incorporating unexpected design elements and organization are my favorite things to do.  I would love to help you create a home that you love and that works for you!

Sparrow Design Company Manifesto

We believe in a life well lived and loved.  That beauty can be seen in the every day and that every day has the potential to be extraordinary.  That hard work is the manner in which we provide for our families but that integrity is how we live our life.  That a beautiful home is one filled with laughter, memories, and the people you share it with. Home is the most important place; a place of rest.  We believe beautiful design doesn’t have to cost a fortune but can make a lasting impact in every area of your life.  We believe design is a well-loved, comfortable, peaceable space that welcomes others in and leaves them better off for having come.  We believe home and design is more about a feeling and less about decor.  We believe miracles big and small happen every day and pray we have eyes to see them.  That slowing down and doing less means so much more. That relationships and people matter more than anything else.  We believe that today is a gift and that is why it’s called the present.