Why I am starting a business

After eleven years of practicing in my own home with intentional design I have started to take my work outside of my home.  In the Vail Valley we have a wide range of homes and families.  I have yet to find an interior designer to work the average family in the area.  After going to multiple friends houses and helping with ideas I started to think “Why not me?”.

When our daughter accidentally flooded our upstairs three months ago, it forced us to move out and remodel.  Even in the high stress situation it was to live with my in-laws for six weeks with our four kids, I came alive in a way I haven’t in years.  The creativity was flowing.  Getting a renovation done on a tight budget was fun and exciting.  I definitely feel  in that season God was preparing me for a calling.  To help others.  To be creative. To design.  To get outside the house for the first time since I had our first daughter almost nine years ago. To me inspiration is in the everyday.  Living with four kids has taught me that a home can be beautiful and functional.  A place where you want to come home to and everyone feels at home in the fullest sense of the word “home”.  I would love to come help you with your home!  Below are some photos of design I love.  Now to really be a good designer being challenged is what I need.  I would love going out of my comfort zone and style to help you with yours!











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