Visiting Magnolia



We went to Waco, TX a while ago and I’m finally getting around to Blogging about it.  We road tripped from Vail, CO to central Texas with four kids (yes, we are crazy!).  It was so much fun and everything I hoped for! We got to Waco on a Thursday night and then had Magnolia Market on our schedule for first thing Friday morning.  We got there at 10:30 on Friday and it was really pretty quiet since they open at 10.  But then the shuttles started dropping people off and it got super busy.  I definitely recommend a weekday and as early as you can get there, do it!IMG_7440IMG_7445IMG_7448Hey, are those cute kids for sale?IMG_7453IMG_7456IMG_7461IMG_7534 (1)The pictures speak for themselves. It was so beautiful and the attention to detail throughout the Market was evident.  Doesn’t anything and everything the Gaines’ touch seem to turn to gold!?  Or in this case A LOT of classic black and white.  By the time we made it through the Market my husband and kids were done but I wasn’t even close.  They went out to the lawn for lattes, hot cocoa, and play time while I shopped in the Market (you can tell Joanna is a Mom of four, there is something for everyone! Although, my husband is usually the least patient with my slow shopping).  By the time I was done shopping the Market was packed and I needed to get out of there.  It’s a little like Disneyland.  Busy and stimulating.  A tourist destination.  Some things were overpriced but overall I will keep going back.  Although, shopping online for my business really suits me best!  When I was done I joined my family on the lawn and had a latte from Common Grounds (featured on their show-it was so good I had two there and one the next day). IMG_7465IMG_7469From the swings, to the historic barn, food trucks, and yard games this place has a little something for everyone.  The Seed and Supply was closed for the season.  The Silos are stunning and SO MUCH taller than I ever pictured!  They really do add to the skyline of Waco.  It was finally time to leave the Market (my family had been super patient with me). IMG_7478On the way out I peeked in the Bakery but we didn’t wait in line (it was really long at that point and they can only let a few people in at a time for Fire Regulations). Next time I will have to check it out for sure! On our way out we went to The Findery which is an adorable home and clothing boutique right down the street.  I honestly wish I had went there first! Some of their price points were much more reasonable compared to Magnolia.  They also had some adorable Texas specific souvenir items.IMG_7490IMG_7530IMG_7529Then we went to Harp Design Co. from there and it was so cute! Clint Harp’s handmade goods are truly gorgeous.  I have a new cutting board displayed on my counter and still haven’t gotten up the nerve to use it.  The Harp House which is a home you can now rent nightly is right next door and it is absolutely stunning!IMG_7511IMG_7499We spent the rest of the day driving around, ate dinner, and then went back to the hotel for swimming.IMG_7538IMG_7528Waco is truly a pretty town and has a lot to offer.  The next morning we went to Common Grounds for coffee (for us) and Heritage Creamery for ice cream (for the kids).  Both are owned by a couple featured on Fixer Upper in Season One.  After we got our sugar and caffeine fixes we headed over to Laverty’s, an antique shop featured on Fixer upper from time to time.  It’s only open sporadically so getting to go was fun!  They have rooms filled with architectural salvage and unique pieces.  We have nothing like that here in the Vail Valley so it was especially fun to check out!IMG_7546From there we headed north out of town and took the kids to Homestead Heritage a little self sustainable community outside of Waco a bit.  It’s like going back in time and was really fun for the kids.IMG_0872We continued North and spent time with some of my family and ate some good ole’ Texas BBQ for dinner and got settled into our new hotel in Garland, TX.  On Sunday we woke up and went to one of our former Pastor’s church in Rockwall, TX.  It was such a sweet time to catch up with him and his wife for lunch.  They’ve known Brandon and I since we were kids!  We continued on that afternoon out of the Dallas area and made it home the next night.  It was a fun and whirlwind trip to say the least.  I hope this helps if you are planning to go to Magnolia anytime soon and especially with kids!  I forgot how much I enjoy writing and have some new ideas for more posts in the near future!












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