The Little House in the Mountains

Lately, I’ve been reminiscing about the past few houses we’ve lived in. What better place to start than the very beginning? Brandon and I got married fresh out of High School and moved from SoCal to Colorado.  We lived south of Denver for almost four years.  In that time we had two babies and my husband landed a job at Union Pacific Railroad.  He traveled A TON.  On average he was only home about ten days a month and our oldest daughter was almost one at the time.  After a year of that schedule I asked him to take any job he could at UP so he could be home more.  My only stipulation was I didn’t want to leave Colorado.

The Lord provided and he took a job in Bond, Colorado.  It was in literally the middle of nowhere in the Rocky Mountains, an hour south of Steamboat Springs and forty minutes northwest of Vail. We had four other families in town and had to drive about thirty minutes to get anywhere. It was the opposite of how I had ever lived in my whole life (I grew up outside of L.A. for goodness sake!).  It took a lot of adjusting to our little railroad  rental home that was over 100 years old (not in the charming way but in the please-don’t-let-the-ceiling-cave-in-on-us sort of way).  It was a three bed one bath 950 square foot house.  We thought it would be temporary little did we know we’d stay for five years and leave with me being pregnant with baby #4!  Honestly it was such a sweet time for us in our young married life.  It challenged us in so many good ways!

It challenged us in not having excess, fixing it up and cleaning it with the help of our family, and for me to be really creative about storage and organization.  I loved digging up the old pics and seeing how much my style has grown and changed.  Even how much a home can change in the course of five years with a growing family in it.  I hope you enjoy them too!


The girls’ room.  It changed a few times and then we went to bunk beds when we were expecting our son to arrive.


Our master changed a few times (Can you tell I get bored!? Haha!)



The third bedroom and then our son’s room.  Funny fact: It was also where our washer and dryer were!  Hiding on the opposite side of the room.



Our kitchen also was our eat-in dining room.  We had a rectangle table pushed up against a wall and four chairs on the sides.  Underneath the table on the side where we didn’t sit was a bench so we could fit guests for dinner just by sliding everything out from the wall!  Our family room was also the play room and the couch was a sleeper sofa!  See I told you I have to be really creative.  Everything served dual purposes in that house!  Under-bed storage everywhere too!


I hope y’all had fun walking down memory lane with me, I know I did!



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